A Breakthrough Device for Treating Heart Failure

Explore the V-Wave® Ventura® Interatrial Shunt System and how it is designed to treat patients suffering from heart failure (HF).

CAUTION: Investigational Device, limited by Federal U.S. law to investigational use.  (RELIEVE-HF, ClinicalTrials.gov ID NCT03499236).

V-WAVE Technology

Advancing the Flow of Life

At V-WAVE, we are driven to deliver breakthrough ideas and technology to the healthcare world with a focus on cardiovascular disease.  V-Wave is built on a foundation of science, engineering, and medicine, and is dedicated to achieving our vision to help patients around the world.

V-Wave will support everyone in this mission: from patients, families and loved ones who live this struggle every single day, to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who have dedicated their careers to this challenge.

Our mission is to give hope and restore quality to life for those who need it most.

Heart Failure

Millions around the globe today live and cope with heart failure (HF).


Introducing the breakthrough Ventura® Interatrial Shunt System.

Clinical Research

Learn about RELIEVE-HF and other V-WAVE clinical studies.

About V-WAVE

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